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Scientific Facts

Migraine headaches usually starts with moderate or severe attacks, that may prevent the normal activities of the person, and the person complaining of migraines and their relatives are affected in terms of their quality of life. Meanwhile, today, the number of patients who has been diagnosed by specialized doctors are very few and patients try to solve their own problem all by themselves.

Migraines can be incapacitating, sometimes starting 4 hours and lasting up to 72 hours or longer. Individuals whose migraines are unresponsive to standard medical or pharmacological therapy or lifestyle modifications may be interested in surgical intervention.
Is your headache migraine? If one or more of these symptoms were seen, you should consult a doctor; 

  • Very severe and mostly a single-sided pain
  • the Pain continues for 4 or more hours and
  • Sensitivity to light and sound; nausea, vomiting,
  • if you have these symptoms, and  you had attack at least
  • 4 times before,
  • you are a potential migraine patient.

Also sometimes some symptoms like bright lights, flying broken lines , turning half crescent, spots can be seen. However, it should be noted that, those symptoms define the probability of being migraine patient, migraine diagnosis can only be possible by expert doctors. If you are experiencing a pain in accordance with the above definition, you should consult a physician soon as possible.

Types of Migraines
-migraine International Headache Society (IHS-International Pain Society) has classified migraine in order to separate from the other headaches. Basically “with aura” and “without aura” is two types of migraine  so what is the “aura”?

Aura, is a definition that shows neurological symptoms that may be related to migraine. Usually the symptoms are visible, but sometimes also dizziness, lightheadedness and vertigo like feelings can be expressed with symptoms also.

Migraines without aura, 85% of Migraine migraine sufferers ‘
Usually enters to this class. Symptoms most of the time you’re in one side is severe and recurrent pain manifests itself with, this pain can switch from one side to the other, or can come from a different direction every attack.
the most important feature of this type of migraine or a pulsating pain, nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light is the emergence of with. Ataklar may take from 4 to 72 hours. In the case of migraine patients, to prevent the treatment of his only chance is in a dark room and carries on until the pain of a migraine with aura Migraine sufferers ‘ get off is with aura group actually is expressed as a migraine. The various phases of this migraine in each phase are expressed with a different neurological symptoms and the pain raging between 5-20 minutes 30-60 minutes end.

Stimulating Phase: migraine itself hours or days before it, to the point of mild pain, tiredness and daily pressures zonk regretting it as start phase of a migraine Aura phase:. 
is Real. There are a lot of neurological symptoms: double vision, lack of concentration, sensory symptoms, such as difficulty speaking and prickling/body single-sided unrest as symptoms. 5-20 minutes maximum.
Attack Phase: in this phase the pain starts and even vomiting/nausea continues with. It adds even more, in a different light and sound unmedicated patients going through resting in a dark room. This phase can take up to 72 hours, with four hours. Healing Phase: better education phase the pain is but sick so exhausted that they want to hear and only 2-3 days but themselves. both types of physical symptoms of migraine in this aside the negative impact the lives of all private patients are, in most cases, patients in the life business and be able to take no responsibility for the home.