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Frequently Asked Questions

“The surgery is performed in the leading & high standard hospitals in Turkey. Selection will be done due to patient choice and needs.”
“1-2 days after the operation the patient is discharged. The patient returns to normal life in a week.”

Anyone who has at least two or three severe migraine headaches a month that would not respond to over-the- counter medications, those who are tired of taking migraine medications, and those who experience migraine headaches that interfere with their personal and professional lives would be good candidates for this surgery.

All the tests in the general anesthesia procedure is done . In addition, patients who feel pain behind the eye, especially computed tomography scan is controlled by applying the sinuses and nose for.
The patient will be asked to avoid aspirin or aspiring type medications for three weeks before and one week after surgery and will be provided with a list of medications and food products to avoid.

Vary according to the patient’s trigger points. The operation is between 1 to 5 hours.

Positive effects begin to appear immediately or within a few weeks.

After recovering in the facility, the patient willbe transferred home, or a hotel close to the surgical facility for the patients abroad. We suggest to stay at least 5 days for international patients in order to make sure everything is going well (healing, stiches and general condition). The patient can resume social activities at this time, depending on the trigger site. It is recommended that patients avoid heavy exercise for about three weeks.

Migrenin ortaya çıktığı bölgeye bağlı olarak hemen iyileşme hissedilebilir, özellikle burunu da kapsayan operasyonlarda birkaç hafta içinde olumlu etkiler görülmeye başlar.