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Are you migraine?

  • 1

    During an attack of migraine Potential nasal discharge is living?

  • 2

    In your eyes or pain or pressure behind your eyes can you feel it?

  • 3

    During the migraine attack Potential massage or apply pressure to the area shown in the works?

  • 4

    In the region of pain above the eyebrow, shown next door/pain?

  • 5

    Do you feel pain in the region of the temple shown next door? And it's good to suppress pain during there?

  • 6

    Next door, as shown in the region constantly rolling and when you feel a pain shot?

  • 7

    Just before or during the pain, tension in the neck it feels? The neck pain relief to start signal?

  • 8

    Potential migraine can be felt in this area better?

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